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Three Steps to Great Shooting

Created by Nick Couluris Feb 9, 2011 at 9:48am. Last updated by Nick Couluris Feb 16, 2012.

Shooting Workout

Created by Nick Couluris Feb 9, 2011 at 9:49am. Last updated by Nick Couluris Feb 9, 2011.

Things that will Make You Better in Basketball and Life- Coach K

Created by Nick Couluris Feb 9, 2011 at 9:47am. Last updated by Nick Couluris Feb 9, 2011.

Basketball Conditioning Workout- Scott Wissel

Created by Nick Couluris Feb 9, 2011 at 9:46am. Last updated by Nick Couluris Feb 9, 2011.

Little Things to Gain Exposure

Created by Nick Couluris Feb 9, 2011 at 9:45am. Last updated by Nick Couluris Feb 9, 2011.

Questions & Answers

Where is camp located?

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Questions ABOUT CAMP:














What if I have more questions?


Where is camp located?

Camp Locations


When is camp?

Event Dates


How much does camp cost?

Camp cost: $565 per session (unless otherwise noted)

The tuition does not cover the room & key deposit ($50) which is applicable to all locations

What is our refund policy?

Your DEPOSIT is non-refundable. Cancellations made 45 days prior to camp (if fully paid) will receive a 75% refund (less the deposit). Cancellations made between 29-15 days prior to camp (if fully paid) will receive a 75% credit for 2013. Cancellations made between 14-2 days prior to camp will receive a 50% credit for 2013. No refunds or credits for any cancellation made less than 48 hours prior to camp. Cancellations must be made in writing via email, fax or mail (no cancellations will be accepted over the phone). Fully paid tuition or credit is fully transferable to a relative or teammate not yet registered.


When is the deposit due?

A non-refundable deposit of $100 (minimum) is due with an application in order to reserve a spot. Deposit can be made online or by mail.


When is the balance due?

The balance of the tuition is due 45 days prior to the first day of that camp.


What should I bring to camp?

Remember that this is suggested and you can adjust to your own personal needs-
12 pairs sweat socks
1 pair good basketball sneakers
1 pair of sandals or sneakers for walking to and from courts/gyms
7 t-shirts
1 White T-Shirt for Playoffs (You will be given an Orange T-Shirt for playoffs)
4 pairs shorts
1 sweat suit or sweat shirt (June/July/early August Camps)
2 sweat suit or sweat shirts (mid-late August Camps)
2 towels
1 blanket or sleeping bag
2 sheets
1 pillow and pillow case
toiletry articles (including but not limited to soap, toothpaste and brush, deodorant, etc)

 Do not bring your own basketball; we have plenty of our own for camp.


What time should I arrive at camp?

You should try to arrive between 2pm and 4pm.This arrival time will enable you to:
a. Check –In - At the Dorm (Dorm information will be available at a later time)
b. Receive room assignment
c. Stow your gear in your room
d. Change into basketball clothing
e. Familiarize yourself with the facility
Please Note: the first meal of the day will be dinner so please either pack a lunch or eat before arriving at camp.


What is needed at Check-In?

Each camper will need a $50 room and key deposit which is refundable at the conclusion of the session when the key is returned and there is no damage to the room.

IMPORTANT: Each camper will need to bring a completed copy of the Five-Star Camp Waiver Form.

Any money or valuables that you wish to check in to the Canteen should be brought to Check-In.

Any tuition that is owed will be collected at Check-In and must be paid in Cash, Money Order, or Credit Card. No checks will be accepted.


When does camp end?

Camp ends after the Awards Ceremony approximately 11:30 am on the last day of camp. Check-Out will begin approximately 11 am at the designated Check-in location. Campers will turn in their key, receive their room &key deposit and any canteen money and valuables they turned in. All camp transportation will leave following the awards ceremony.


What transportation is available?

We can only provide transportation to the appropriate Airport, train or bus station for $20 per trip. Roundtrip cost is $40.

Once at the airport or station please wait in the baggage claim area inside the airport, or information area inside other terminal, for a Five-Star Representative. Listen for a possible page over the loudspeaker system with directions to meet with Five-Star's representative.

If we are providing you with a ride back to the airport, please schedule your departure after 3pm.

Please include your travel plans with your registration, or e-mail your travel plans to,or call the office (914-964-6540) with your travel plans to schedule a pick-up/drop-off. Please include the following:

  • Flight number
  • Arrival time
  • Contact information (such as a cell phone number that you will be traveling with or a parents number)
  • Departure information

What are the driving directions to camp?

Duncanville Fieldhouse

Southwestern University

Springfield College

Alliant University


Reinhardt College

Lewis University

Robert Morris University

East Stroudsburg University

Fordham University

Ramapo College

Balwdin Wallace College

Camp Wah'Nee

Louisville (HOOPS)

Cal Lutheran

Guilford College

What is the Canteen?

The canteen is a physical store location varies based on the facility, where we sell Five-Star gear, snacks and drinks. The canteen is also a service that is provided to the campers, similar to a debt or credit account. When you arrive on campus you will be asked if you want to deposit any money in the canteen. Whatever amount you wish to deposit will become the amount of credit you have in the store. The canteen can also be used to purchase items forgotten at home (toothbrush, soap etc.) because the canteen staff will go into town each day to purchase these requested items. At the end of camp any unspent money will be returned to you in full.


Why should I put money in the Canteen?

If you hold your money and wish to make cash purchases you can but at your own risk. Any money you lose or that is potentially stolen (left your door unlocked, etc) cannot be replaced. The money you put into account cannot be lost or stolen. In fact you can store your money with us and not spend any and have it all returned at the end. The Canteen will also hold on to any valuables such as plane tickets, I-pods, jewelry etc.
What is the coach to camper ratio?
Traditionally we have a 6 to 1 camper to coach ratio.


Can I use my cell phone?

Cell phone use is okay during down time in the program (meals, or just before lights out). Cell phones should be checked in and out of the canteen, or locked in a safe place in your dorm room. Any electronic games or audio players should be left at home or locked in your dorm room. Our staff is not responsible for watching your items during game play and instructional times.


What other activities are offered?

All activities offered at Five-Star are designed with the camper’s basketball development in mind. Station instruction, individual instruction and game play are combined to help each camper reach their full potential as a basketball player. In some camps, additional classroom or on-court lecture time, basketball video or other instruction may be provided. Each camper will spend the majority of their time outside of meals and sleep, involved inactive, basketball related activity.

No swimming is allowed at any of our camp sites, regardless of facilities, as we do not hire trained lifeguards on staff. 


Where will I be staying?

Campers stay at the College Dormitories on the college campuses.
We generally won't find out the exact dorm until the week of camp, although the dorms we have historically stayed in are listed on each camp's individual info page. Dorm locations will be sent out in the pre-camp update e-mail, usually about a week prior to the event
Unless otherwise noted, specific camps such as HOOPS, UCF and Duncanville Fieldhouse will utilize local hotels.


How many campers are assigned to a room?

At most of our college locations, the dorm rooms fit two campers. Some sites offer rooms that accommodate three and four camper. However, since our dorm assignments can vary from year to year, Five-Star operates under the understanding that dorm rooms will house 2 campers per room.


Can I pick my roommate(s)?

We will honor roommate requests if space allows. We understand that campers are, in some cases, traveling long distances and wish to be roomed with their friends. With that in mind we will do our best to accommodate your request. Please place roommate requests in advance by noting on the application card, emailing or writing. If when you arrive you are not roomed together, we will attempt to room you together during check-in.
All other campers will be roomed based on age and home location.

Please Note – at most college sites, we are assigned two person rooms, so we will not be able to accommodate three person room requests. We will do our best to put two of the campers together and have the third camper as close as possible. Groups of more than three can request to room with their team name or group name and will be placed as near each other as possible.


Are the dorms air conditioned?

Duncanville Fieldhouse- Yes

Alliant University- Yes

UCF- Yes

Reinhardt College- Yes

Lewis University- Yes

Louisville Hoops- Yes

RMU- 90% of the rooms are Air Conditioned

Springfield College- No

ESU- No 

Fordham- No

Ramapo- Yes

Camp Wah'Nee - No (Bunks are generally cool during August)

Guilford College - Yes

Cal Lutheran - Yes

Southwestern University - Yes

What is the supervision in the dorms/hotel/bunks etc.?

There are coaches on every floor of every dorm with the campers. We maintain at least an 8:1 camper to staff supervision ratio. Our well-trained staff monitors all activities including meals and dorms/hotel/bunks.


Can anyone come and watch?

All of our sites are open to coaches and parents to view at all times activities are planned. However, we are unable to offer accommodations or meals for anyone attending as a spectator.


How competitive is camp?

Each camp, regardless of the minimum age requirement, is divided into separate leagues initially based on age and experience level, and then adjusted to fit the needs of each individual camper’s skill level. Camps for 10-18 years old will be split into 3 or 4 divisions, including an "Ivy League" division for the younger campers. Camps for 11-18 years old will be split into 2 or 3 divisions. Our NBA division is reserved for High School Varsity players, and is offered at all camp locations.

Campers will complete stations and individual instruction within their leagues with players of similar age and skill level.


Do I need a physical to attend camp?

A physical and copy of latest immunizations is required for all campers attending sessions at Ramapo College. There is no specific form needed, the forms supplied by your doctor will suffice but copies must be presented at Check-in.

At all other camps, a physical is only required if you did not pass your previous physical during the school year. If for some reason you have not passed a physical -then we will need a copy from your doctor indicating you are physically able to participate in camp.

NOTE: For all camps, you are required to complete the Parent/Camper Waiver form and bring it to check-in.


What do I do if I have a food allergy, prior injury or am currently taking medications?

Please let the Athletic Trainer know at Check-In.


Are trainers, doctors, nurses or other medical personnel available at camp?

Yes. We hire nationally certified athletic trainers that work for their respective high school or college and have worked with basketball teams and athletes. Student trainers assist our head trainer at most camp sites, some sites will have multiple certified trainers on staff.


What if I have more questions?

Please contact the office by emailing or by calling 914-964-6540


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